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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thanks You For Your Support

This CIA agent is telling us about the torture techniques being used and approved directly by George W Bush. George W Bush has said repeatedly that we do not torture.

He also says that we've had 6 years to develop agents in Al-Qaeda. However, the ex-Italian president says that intelligence communities know the CIA and Mossad performed 9/11. We have been infiltrating ourselves.

Because of reports like this, I believe there are two CIA's. One branch is legitimate and has the best interests of America and the world at heart, and is defending major populations and resources, while the second is sinister and trying to gain control of the world's resources away from the general populace of the world and other nations. Basically, one is obeying the Constitution, and one is failing it.

This may be the two ways humans are responding to the problem of evil. By trying to be good, and by trying to be a greater evil.

China is not an enormous threat if you don't f with them. They are a problem because we're being a problem. They are like the 2nd place racer. Yeah he'll stone you. If you fail. We're failing right now on purpose because of agents like Bush and illuminati members. China is doing their job in the natural progress towards goodness, in a way much kinder than Russia would have in the 1960's. They even have their own illuminati-fighting gang. What we should do is work with them, our opposites, to get them to run cleanly and civilly. That is being the 7 to their 5. They, being the 5 to our 7, will politely kick the nonsense out of America if America fucks up. Unfortunately, without us it'd be a big, big ugly fight for about 7 years. But they'd learn democracy and Constitutionality, just like we could have taught them. And we'd probably have intelligence by then, or needed to use all of our equality and intelligence to remain alive. Which arguably is justice. Like getting crushed is justice.

Let's do it the easy way. What way is that? Impeach this man, which is possible, but more like pulling out a fishhook. What through could we push it to? The next finger? 2008? We'll just shake that one off? Unlikely, frankly. Then it'd have to be cut and removed. It'd be ugly both ways. Ron Paul seems like the cut and remove concept. Literally. Impeachment is yanking the hook, or pulling, or easing it out. Which is better? I grant you we're poisoned now, and harming the world. Watery blood of a dead man and all. It's written. The torn scroll curling up is a mushroom cloud. Chapter 6? Read. . Math.

Remove him now, so we can cleanse this poison to the world.

We will rebuild it better. You're going to miss this infected wasteland? How to begin?

One of the key pieces is to have cia agents openly out osama bin laden as cia, and unravel the entire 9/11 story on tv. I am waiting for kieth olbermann to do that one. Or Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich himself. Maybe do a roundup to that, with a week of events cracking it wider and then wider.

Soon citizen journalism will overtake the CIA in news decisionmaking. Hi! We're digging from two ends of a tunnel. Yes, you've still got so much of the material. But don't close that hole. It is happening. You will need to give us the liberty and information to make our own decisions. We'll be the most powerful humanity on earth, fully informed. This could be revelations, the public getting a hold of most of the state secrets and then all of them. Revealed. Apocrapha. Apocalypse. What happens then?

We vote. No, it's too soon for that. We public will find out the real money chain and position on every candidate and politician coming into the city and what they want to do about the world's organization. We're not buying a 4-year car, love it or leave it. We're buying a toolkit and a model, and we the people, having this information and a growing global intelligence movement, even after the elections, coz we'll care then too, only more so, Ron Paul or no, we will be equipped with suitable knowledge to run our financial and government systems in a way people in the 1960's or the anarchists were not. We are on the verge of meshing gears with public as the government itself. Get it ready, CIA.


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