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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some say that 'in God we Trust' was added to our money in 1956. No, that was 'under God' to the pledge. A 1906 half dollar coin has the phrase 'in God we trust' on its face. We are a nation traditionally having spiritual values, believing in spirits and spirituality. It is appropriate that our coins and money reflect this.

Scientists have also found that some electromagnetic fields are alive. We would call the "good" fields 'God'. Good fields and people obey a system of order and righteousness found in number theory that is written into our Constitution.

Our Constitution was written to be spiritually truthful and freeing, in a time before mankind began to fall away from God, during the scientific and industrial revolutions of the 1800's. This document and its companions were given to us to weather us through to this period of history, through the world wars and cold war to this era. Today we also have the benefit of the hippie good eudiamonia freedom and liberty movements, and the new Constitution movement and anti-war liberty freedom movements to guide us through this most difficult of times.

After this period, we will be in contact with these fields, one another, and anything in the universe that is to be with them always and as often as we need to.


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