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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Colorado City

Colorado City is an enclave of polygamists living on the border between Arizona and Utah. They comprise the regular town authorities, police and civil force, and most of the civilians living there are a part of the Latter Day Saints Church / Mormons of a sect that practices polygamy.

The people of Colorado City face a quandary. Will they interact with those from the outside world, or will they remain distinct from the outside world? There are many, many enclaves like Colorado City, and they have taken a spectrum of exposure to the general public.

What could they stand to gain from opening their society? What could they gain to keep closed?

They have a specific and uncommon style of sexual practice, which could potentially anger or emotionally hurt or offend commoners. This enclave and others are spiritually defensible and physically sustainable, and can be emotionally healthful. In an enclave they do not need to worry about review from many others on certain topics, but healthful review still occurs.

Enclavity guarantees large protection from greater political review and attempts to stop them from doing their social business, which appears to be protected by the Constitution and represent good love through natural law. But it also secludes them from the fruits of populous society, such as arts and culture, the beneficial side of major industry and commerce, science and education, and a brotherhood with many others in mankind.

So goes the same for every other legitimate and protected enclave, and for mankind itself, and for every barrier and boundary. Should we bring to them the benefits of technology and society that we are able to afford them without bringing to them the corruption and disruption of illegitimate interaction? So could they say of us, for every legitimate society and person, and bring down their social and physical borders.

Can we moderate all borders better, without forcing people or things to remain apart from their love?


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