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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Non-incendiary News

I have noticed that certain otherwise newsworthy reviews of events, such as those posted by far left or far right political resources often resort to mudslinging and verbal viciousness. I call for all news and distribution of information to be non-incendiary.

Left wingers, you will be more effective and cohesive, and better received by cetrists and news organizations, if you tailor your words in suitable ways. Conspiracy theories must be civil, even if the world is full of secrecy. A plan or call to become massively aware of these events and opinions is more effective than slander. Your facts will be your sword, and civility in light of truth your journalism.

Far right ones, I call on you to stop insulting lefterners and to desire to better understand why they would want to spend money in different ways, or protect individuals from certain organizations,and why it should or should not be done, considering the best and worst scenarios from the outcome of any event, and accounting for the state of society and the plight of an individual whom you may not even know, let alone their ability to succeed or defend themselves. Also, view What Every American Should Know. If you speak with the authority to recommend carefully, research carefully.


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