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Thursday, October 11, 2007


These are the text of a sidebar on . This media article is a code to the Washington Beltway folk that senior editors working for the big media companies owned by the major money owners have deemed it legitimate to send this information to the public. Jimmy Carter has told us, but more importantly, it has been repeated by us in the media in this way, that diplomacy with Iran is the only choice, at least until things change and we whip up a story saying so.

In the 1970's it became popularly known that Soviet spies would communicate with one another through ads in the New York Times or other newspapers. So today does our intelligence and government community communicate with itself through such publications.

This is the text of a side-article, which contains information on the next base that each candidate is running to.

"Criticized over war threat against Iran, Hillary Clinton sees conspiracy Criticized over war threat against Iran, Hillary..."

Since this is beside an article about needing diplomacy in Iran, and this caption regards Hillary Clinton as threatening Iran, and particularly being criticized over it, she is going down about 2 steps. Also, she may not work in the long term because of this kind of statement.

"In a revealing incident from the 2008 presidential campaign...
Full story
Obama Says He Will Vote for NAFTA Expansion Obama Says He Will Vote for NAFTA Expansion"

Obama is still low in the running to be president. George Bush has also denounced him, but from his position, little torque should produce. This article tells the money printers that they will be safe with Obama's level of corruption and association to them. Since this paper is also owned indirectly by money printers, it their partial endorsement of him.

"Hot off the presses from MSNBC:"Obama said he would vote...
Full story
Iran in Preparation for War"

Regular propaganda footing. Iran probably is getting ready to resist our invasion of their country, coming or likely not.

"Iran has inaugurated a new air force base in Birjand, close...
Full story"

Iran may be involved with Iraq, we're also still hyping the Iranian military activity. We could be covering our planned attack against Iran in light of new unfavorable data.

"The peak oil crisis: Confusion The peak oil crisis: Confusion"

This is the peak oil strategy. The money makers are causing peak oil at a time that they and most intelligencers know, and they are trying to limit the amount of new people and the public who know much about it or when it is.

If the American public became acutely aware of peak oil, problems would happen. Conversations do not need to be won on TV for there to be many powerful and correct public opinion majorities on topics that translate into judicial or legislative or civil action.


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