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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Youtube Debates

CNN has performed poorly during this debate. Many questions were engineered and falsely selected, not unlike the planting of questions by FEMA and Hillary Clinton. CNN is not a trustworthy news source.

New Media is.

Youtube was unfortunately manhandled into being used for these debates. The questions raised at the debates are not representative of the population of videos on youtube. Youtube is a corporate site, but it is a good [but monitored] place to post videos about anything, any true data.

The very long amount of airtime devoted to the homosexual was inappropriate. That question is not interesting to voters and is a diversionary tactic played by the media. The other questions were similar. The debate did not show Ron Paul's strength. He was blackballed by our media, just as before. Just as foretold would be done before he became this well known. The media will never, not even in late 2008, play fairly to Ron Paul.

By then we New Media should have a stronger media footprint. More people will have switched away from television and to internet news, where they will get a better spectrum of news sources and be exposed to true data.

To accurately represent Ron Paul's positions we should spend time airing more informational videos about high finance groups and abuses of state and present Ron Paul as an excellent stepping stone to the solution. We can produce the dream of what a world cast after Ron Paul's policies would look like. How much money would we save from ending the drug war and coming home from Iraq? And from that strong standpoint, what would we do differently than the neocons about peak oil and both fake and real terrorism?

What can Ron Paul do to spend the scores of millions of dollars he continues to amass and get his message into the public? As supporters of Ron Paul we can continue to put up signs and organize at rallies and media events in support of him. The blimp is nifty, but it's not tip-top. What is tip-top?

1. I want to see a 30-minute video showing us Ron Paul on the campaign trail. We could make it a segment like Real World, but with Ron Paul where he talks about his policies and some history and successes and lots of neat information buds for viewers to research more about. This could be put on a DVD and mailed to households with a colorful pamphlet and a sticker or button. That would be good, and could easily reach a million republican voters in key states. It would seed the public with lots of great information. It should also be broadcast on television. Perhaps on C-SPAN or a friendly non-corporate TV station, and advertised for once or twice. And it could be on

2. I would still love to see a day devoted to putting up Ron Paul signs on overpasses, even though certain states have made it illegal, in violation of the 1st amendment. Let's do that V-style.

3. Billboards are good. Could we get one in Times Square for a month?

4. An entire concert. We could have a few dozen bands come together to do a Ron Paul music festival tour. I WOULD GO TO THE CONCERT. We can get youth movements together, it would be so fantastic. How many musical artists can we organize to support Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich and do a charity tour around the country. Ticket proceeds would go to the campaign or to cost. They could *rock*. Let's start organizing this right now.

5. We could have a few books published or commissioned by Ron Paul's press. It might be a great opportunity to produce some serious literature in greater depth about Ron Paul's positions.

I know Ron Paul is very libertarian and prefers to not tell people what to do and equally much not be told what to do or leaned upon. This is an admirable trait, and I'd like to see this kind of personality modeled for Americans of the future.


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