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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

The Free Media

It is mission critical that the media be free for citizens to make use of and free from reliance on high overhead broadcasting requirements. The internet is fast becoming the primary source of news distribution in the world, and as such will allow the dream of free media by and for the people.
The internet and activism's ability to produce numerous customized and varied news reports alongside mass-news participatory sites such as will continue to flourish and entice more viewers to get their information from the free internet, and begin to provide information of their own.
It is important for citizens to become connected to one another and ready to collaborate on mass-action events such as elections, demonstrations, boycotts, market shifts, referendums, civil questions, and topics, and hear what others have to say ad think about these matters. The state exists by the people and for the people, and this is one good way to make that reality.


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