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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

State of Truth 2008

State of Truth 2008

World is changing. Man's experience will be entirely different but for what clings to intelligence.

-secret societies and their power revealed to public
-libertarian counterrevolution to globalism puts nationalism undersealevel
-fault lines exposed
-government: NWO, Libertarians, or a split. Filtering out worldwide. Fx elections and educate populations.
-Analyze NWO society for ethical weaknesses, intelligence, composition and internal inequalities.

-Major industrial production and movers associated with NWO
-New technology and organization stifled
-Research impaired and censored that threatens industrial hegemony

-Major finance houses major players in NWO and government influence.
-Certain governments are acting agents to NWO plans with their militaries, industrial bases, and financial resources.
-Identify and replace or remove these chairs
-Numerous global economic crisies looming. Major threat to world's populations.
-Identify, analyze, and prepare with stockpiles, elections, education, and small socialism.


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