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Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Taliban Tried To Warn America of 9/11

Also, this just in... that the Taliban tried to warn America [51:08] we were about to be attacked before 9/11. Furthermore, a large fire broke out on the 11th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower on 13 February 1975. It burned for 3 hours consuming 65% of the floor including the core. None of the steel was weakened and none of the trusses needed to be replaced. If fire had damaged the steel on 9/11 the building would have sagged and leaned instead of suddenly bursting and collapsing.

Black burning smoke indicates a fire depleted of oxygen, and Underwriters Laboratories estimated that the fire burning inside may have been as low as 500*F, after the initial burnoff of jet fuel, which can burn at temperatures up to 1800*F. The fireproofed certified steel and netlike building design indicate that the impact of a plane would be 'negligable' to its structural integrity, and indeed it did continue to stand after being hit without showing any sign of serious or even slight structural difficulty, apart from fire on two floors. Fire has never caused a concrete and steel building to collapse in history, and did not on 13 February 1975. Fire did not destroy the WTC. The plane impacts did not destroy the WTC.

There is evidence of numerous secondary explosions at the WTC after the planestrikes.

WTC 7 collapsed without being struck by a plane, having only two small fires on upper floors, after a boom from its basement and a demolition style collapse into its own footprint in 6.6 seconds. Freefall would have been 6 seconds.

=== At The Pentagon

I also just heard that April Gallup and her small child were injured, but able to crawl through the hole in the Pentagon to escape. If a 747 had crashed into the Pentagon, no one would be able to get through it. The hole was estimated by witnesses to be smaller than a garage door. No planestrike with wings more than 50' across is that size.

Government agents told her repeatedly it was a plane, she was hit by a plane. She said to the interviewer that she saw no signs of a plane of any kind. After crashes planes are reassembled to find what made it crash.


American government sources in the mid and late 90's told us 'Big Terror' was coming, and to give up our rights when the time came. They trained soldiers to confiscate guns and built camps in which to evacuate cities. Americans have trained with foreign soldiers to clear American cities of civilians. Is this in preparation for peak oil? Visit for the alternatives to peak oil.

Why was most of Bush's cabinet on Cipro a month before anthrax was discovered? You will not find these answers on television.


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