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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Most people will not listen to the speech he gave. Many will. But it's translated from his spoken Iranian language, which few know. We will judge him and his visit mainly by the review we give to the very process of him standing on the stage and making those strange garbly noises with his mouth.

What could or would anyone say or do about anyone making noises in front of a podium, or any bag of meat going to a hold in the ground?

It's only your feelings. Get control of them.

I don't care if he gets up there and advocates Hitler. If he did, no one would come and he'd be booed down into private conversations where he'd find marginal support and substantial social opposition. I have sound support for all of my statements and positions. I am for intelligent debate. Greater exchange of ideas is a better choice, keeping in mind that deception and illusion are unfavorable pitfalls.

Those who wanted to keep him from being in the country, shame on you. I suppose a disclaimer is valid, but freedom of speech needs no disclaimer. Intelligence is a better defense than ignorance.

The situation is intensified because [very few] members of our society are considering fighting Iran. I am amazed and pleased that a leader of that country, which we have such tensions with, is able to come and speak here. That may be the best defense against war.

Ahmadinejad, if you were an oppressive president in my country, I'd be resisting you. Please cease capital punishment and allow people to practice the religion they choose to. I will not fight you by war.


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