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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've recently held myself back from commenting scientifically and investigating the secret societies and the destruction of America by globalists for reasons I might call cowardice, and by warnings that it is freakishly dangerous. In these past days to weeks, I've seen the movement actually recede slightly. It is unpleasant. To think that thousands of people out there or more have fallen away from truth and that the message has not reached their ears turns my stomach.

And yet, it is still and increasingly dangerous to do this task. Western secret societies are poised to snap on free individuals. Chinese secret societies are poised to snap on Western secret societies. Where does the average blogger fit into this puzzle in the eyes of the terrorists?

A prison camp. Or in a state censored area. Or dead. I'd like to avoid all of those potentialities in the next decade as both secret societies either crumble or are dismantled into the general enlightened populace.

Where do we fit into it in our own eyes? As teachers to the world. As life long learners. As those hoping to build a better less corrupt tomorrow. Let's go.

You secret society folk are making a HALF ASSED WORLD. We have the other half. Let's make this dump look good.


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