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Monday, November 27, 2006

Software Defined Radio Communications

Software defined radio shows quite a lot of technological promise, in the form of HD Radio and a replacement for cell phones, wifi [or wifi-assisted], wireless internet, and could even come as a motherboard card for your box.

It is fortunate that cell phone towers have been cropping up everywhere to some degree, but the manner of signals they transmit are harmful RF frequency signals. Wifi and radio are ~harmless. Digital radio can potentially replace cellular signals, and come in strong even when cell phones get crackly. The same towers can be used to daisy-chain the signal & so can satellites to reach any part of earth or space.

What we need to do is build the signal routing system to get the message from one phone to the other easily and reach the destination in the most rapid and least congested way.

Every phone would relay all signals it received by picking them up ambiently and rebroadcasting them like radio towers. With only a sea of handheld operations, this would not reach far unless correctly tweaked. It might be good to plug the signal into your car's antenna, even via cigarette lighter-out. But if the appropriate array of users lined up, a call could rapidly reach New York from LA in perfect clarity.

If we added the capability of commercial radio towers to the operation, which would simultaneously receive and rebroadcast R-phone signals without affecting their radio signal, [and also going HD/digital radio] that could easily reach all parts of the world rapidly. Include satellites and we've got a deal.

A phone may receive or see an incoming signal and check its own battery life or radio contact mesh and ping whether the signal should be sent through this phone/station. Once a link is established, the ringing begins. Users segwaying signals do not realize they are doing it, because the phone does it itself.

Broadcasting stations can send out numerous signals using many different inaudible sound frequencies all broadcast on the same signal. Pile up data every 25,000Hz within that radio wave and send it. It doesn't cost more or less to speak in a high or low pitched tone on a radio signal. The machine can pick out the correct range and translate the pitch. Multibroadcasting can multiply signal exponentially. See what we can do with that!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Resonance And Particle

Resonance of particles in sound. I want to examine the arrangements of these particles in relation to sounds off the spectrum of audibility. That would be neat to see the particles rearranging and not be able to consciously detect what they were reacting to.

Let it be known that even sound you cannot hear will bore holes through rock at 200 dB. And certain frequencies will do it better based on the material of the rock. I wonder if we could accomplish such a feat in relation to atomic resonance. That would be *freakishly* high pitched sound. What makes it sound and not RF? Frequency? Medium? Audible radiation? Visible light?

This may be a condensing of [++] among vibration to bring the peaks closer, forces through a 0/1 format of waving. You might as well create the wave of energy from matter, or a chain process in an atom, as you calibrate it.

Special Cameras

It may be beneficial to develop a kind of camera that broadcasts its signal in wifi to be recorded on a pocket-stored data stick. In this way, cameras that have been damaged or stolen before the tape can be recovered do not sacrifice their information.

Note it is also possible that this information be captured remotely by other equipment. It may be worthwhile to encrypt this information in some way. Or it may be acceptable to allow information streaming to go unprotected.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Reuters: Using Engineered AIDS to fight AIDS

You may notice that this article is reported not as a hopeful cure, but as something that still needs years more testing.

For example, they end the first page on a downer about gene therapy patients. It is anti-medical in regards to this. Someone wants AIDS, strangely.

Also, Bush does not make so many mistakes as you are led to believe. He is speaking literally in most cases.
It "may be" illuminati code.

Examine all your Bushisms on the poster. "The question is rarely asked, 'Is our children being educated.'"

This is true. Stupid people, who do not use good grammar, rarely ask about their children's educations, and do not vote particularly in favor of them. Probable Meaning: "We can/will reduce education spending and still get elected."

This is code to his constituents.

"We can all pitch in by, using..., uh, by being better Conservers. ...of energy."

It's just falling apart there. 'We can all pitch in by being better Conservatives, and that will help energy policy' [in their humble opinions].

Look for this kind of speech, but please do not use it.