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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Resonance And Particle

Resonance of particles in sound. I want to examine the arrangements of these particles in relation to sounds off the spectrum of audibility. That would be neat to see the particles rearranging and not be able to consciously detect what they were reacting to.

Let it be known that even sound you cannot hear will bore holes through rock at 200 dB. And certain frequencies will do it better based on the material of the rock. I wonder if we could accomplish such a feat in relation to atomic resonance. That would be *freakishly* high pitched sound. What makes it sound and not RF? Frequency? Medium? Audible radiation? Visible light?

This may be a condensing of [++] among vibration to bring the peaks closer, forces through a 0/1 format of waving. You might as well create the wave of energy from matter, or a chain process in an atom, as you calibrate it.


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