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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

9/11 Attacks Publication

The correct method to capture those responsible for 9/11 is to accurately investigate the event. We can discover that those responsible for the event came from our own government and our own country, as well as from sources attached to Israeli corporations, or to messages dispensed through Odigo.

Beyond this date, those planning and protecting the event are guilty. George W Bush in his signing of EO 199i barring the investigation of Arab flight schoolers and/or Al Qaeda by FBI agents is complicity. Agents from our FBI affirming the fat bin laden video in November, 2001, precipitating the erroneous invasion of Afghanistan is complicity. The confusing fact that we gave OBL medical attention at an American hospital in Dubai with full recommendation by our authorities in partial secret in summer of 2001 is gross complicity, as he was on the most wanted list for the African embassy bombings at the time. This is evidence of complex and profound corruption and state sponsorship of the 9/11 attacks.

The attacks, known by the state to be false, were used to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, to begin the war on terror, and to motivate unConstitutional legislation that has compromised America's democracy as if to destroy us. The attacks and money motions and the way our new laws have been used reflect a benefit to Israel at our expense. We have invaded Islamic countries that have participated in threatening Israel and threatened and performed special operations others in ways that reduce and dissuade them from acting freely. Is Israel a cancer or a baby? We are protecting them without question. Protectionism itself may be a bad choice unless the intelligent system involved is true and fertile. The ways of the nation of Israel are not fertile, in that money is not happiness nor love, in that control is not freedom, and by the fruit of their tree and the gross destruction that they have rained down upon earth. That they cannot live alongside others is terrible.

Considering the necessary statistics of the building being demolished by explosives and the planes being structurally little more than a scapegoat, a huge amount of local footwork must be accomplished to achieve the collapses totalling thousands to hundreds of thousands of manhours of work just for WTC 1 and 2. This was not done by terrorists, but by a branch of our own government, almost certainly in collusion with the owners of the WTC compound, which was on alert for weeks before the events due to warnings, which is a very good excuse to have hundreds of soldiers and operatives hanging around the building guarding/prepping the strike.

The additional effects of the attacks that day in Shanksville, Cleveland, the Pentagon also require substantial covert and colluded preparation which has been eclipsed by study to find local actors necessarily complicit. Additionally, media and state cooperation with this attack and using it for their purposes in excess of and obstruction of investigation of the event to perform such gross actions is observably subverted.

The consequences of this kind of attack have been avoided, but are clear. Arrest of suspects and trial, impeachment of the president and vice president who are complicit, and an ongoing intelligence investigation into the procedure.

We have failed to arrest these active perpetrators because of the scope of their corruption and organization. We could have done it in 2001 or 2002, or 2004 or 2005, or 2006, or at any time, but we have not interrupted their evil rampage except through social and political review for unknown purposes. We would potentially be able to draw out more criminals from this ring and gain additional intelligence about their ring and ways if we leave them unmolested and watch them act, but the damage they are doing and continue to do deepens daily and our nation's reputation and the globe's position is compromised. Millions and probably tens to hundreds of millions have functionally died and billions of lives have been materially degraded by these attacks and their ongoing error cascade.

I would encourage any intelligence community and Constitutional law enforcement officials to advance the arrest and reintersection with justice of those responsible for these crimes. This experiment is dangerous and can be over without losing substantial new data. The US election will be a rift that will seal that we can still change functionally for several weeks. After that point it will become more difficult to overcome people's expectations and additional risks will approach. It would be wise to produce intelligence that leads to hard trials in Washington for the many responsible and complicit in these crimes, and which will awaken the American public in a way that will help them defeat sinister financial interests elsewhere in the nation and world.

From this base we can then keep a thumb on and pursue other criminal activities in the world while we develop the new American energy, manufacturing, and intelligence sectors to be formed to restore us and prepare for future events. This reformation can be profound and successful, and those responsible for these crimes and their sort recognized and dynamically branded as something to avoid or report or compete against in the minds of the new public.


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