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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Reuters: Using Engineered AIDS to fight AIDS

You may notice that this article is reported not as a hopeful cure, but as something that still needs years more testing.

For example, they end the first page on a downer about gene therapy patients. It is anti-medical in regards to this. Someone wants AIDS, strangely.

Also, Bush does not make so many mistakes as you are led to believe. He is speaking literally in most cases.
It "may be" illuminati code.

Examine all your Bushisms on the poster. "The question is rarely asked, 'Is our children being educated.'"

This is true. Stupid people, who do not use good grammar, rarely ask about their children's educations, and do not vote particularly in favor of them. Probable Meaning: "We can/will reduce education spending and still get elected."

This is code to his constituents.

"We can all pitch in by, using..., uh, by being better Conservers. ...of energy."

It's just falling apart there. 'We can all pitch in by being better Conservatives, and that will help energy policy' [in their humble opinions].

Look for this kind of speech, but please do not use it.


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