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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Newspapers and Internet

Look, if newspapers are going to survive, and they should, they will have to become publicized editions of the contents of websites. A newspaper is good because it has a certain circulation, and is a concise collection of facts. What is a website but this? A newspaper may have advantages here because it requires no computer or display and can be taken or placed anywhere, not just on screens. So until we have computerized paper screens, newspapers can fill this role. And when that day comes, newspapers can become electrtonic. But until that day, newspapers should integrate sections of websites into their agendas, perhaps responses quoted from the internet, and particularly feedback and concerns of readers and bloggers at the newspaper's site.

Talk radio gets by because they are an indispensible medium, and radios are more common and cheaper than computers, even though you can hear a radio on a computer, and watch TV on a computer for that matter. Computers and blogs are better because they are more satisfying and interpersonal. I hate TV. I make it my servant on the computer.

Newspapers, write what we say. And not a biased s/election of what we say, what we really mean.


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