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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Anytime you see the term 'yet again' it is time for new thinking.

Monday, July 24, 2006

US-Israeli Media Manipulation

This is not my idea of a 1st amendment.

Please examine this video.

American corporate news goes through a series of filters to keep Americans from knowing things that might detract from them supporting Israeli activities. The UN has frequently documented human rights abuses in the occupied territories, and Israeli lobbying is a very wealthy and 'powerful' force in the US Congress and government.

This is not right, and causes substantial standing resistance to these atrocities, and intensified confusion and injustice. God's justice will not be refused, and no force can prevent justice.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Civilian Media

Thank you. You can report media stories here and here. You can find new news items sorted by popularity. there is no such thing as censorship.

The World According to Good

Many media outlets, especially underground and progressive ones, focus their attention primarily on describing the most negative portions of the current government and establishment. This is a problem for two reasons. 1) There are certain positive qualities of the current system, regardless of their function in the whole. And 2) Focusing on the negative enforces the current system and makes anyone who resists it negative.

Do not focus on the negative of the system. Who cares. Focus on the good of what is and could be. People are good judges when they have all the information. You medialytes will do more good for the world by showcasing what is awesome and could be rather than what is crappy and already is. Get people to want more, not hate what they have. When they want what is right they will drop what is wrong and move on.

Democrats, this is you as well. This is a Christian way of perpetuating news, giving good counsel, and trying to make the world better than it is.

Friday, July 14, 2006 has recently become associated with NBC, it seems. This may be a positive effect, but only if changes in media are made. I would like to see independent news pages collecting interviews hosted or streamed by Youtube.

I would like to see independent news *companies* hosted or streaming through youtube. These interviews could be with Colbert-style individuals or invisibles with a lot or a little to say. Anyone with a webcam can make a newscast today, and bring it to or another nifty you-news site.

Registration not necessary. All videos subject to subsequent site- and page-local forum discussion.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Media Duty

It is the duty of the media to dispense and provide information as honestly and completely as possible, sparing time only to prevent physical loss of life. A great diffusion of media sources allows individuals to better research and specialize in their fields and become more accurately and fully informed about the things that are happening in our world.

Media should also promote reserved ethical analysis of news items. If the state or an individual news maker does something that is unethical it should be pointed out that the action is so, and better answers should be considered or debated, sponsored by the news reporting consortium. The same should be done by reporters if their own agency or another agency does something unethical.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

CNN Disreport

This soldier tells the real story... behind a CNN story. You won't hear this on TV.

2 week buildup of combat, CNN embedded with exclusive footage rights. They train, they load large ammo and C4. They fly in, there is nothing. No one. They shoot off the ammo, blow up the C4. Waste. You paid for it. Didn't think twice.

Then, weeks later the soldier gets wind of this video by CNN of himself and his platoon shooting up the ammo and blowing up the caves, and CNN lying, saying they were shooting enemies and blowing up people in caves.

This, frankly, is treason. It is lying on TV about matters of national security. I want CNN fined, I want their editors fired, and anyone who was involved in this story and knew it was a lie but didn't speak up about it, or agreed to help it or go along with it fined and jailed. This is crime. Technically it is libel. I want the state's media division investigated for allowing this to go on, broadcast, and hang on the airwaves for weeks uninvestigated, uncorrected and unaddressed. If cases are brewing and fines in the mail, they do not need investigation.

Please, friends, email your Supreme Court about this. Email CNN about this. The Bible mentions something about people who lie and love lies.

Korey Rowe got it. Everyone who gets enough real information will get it. Dispense.

"This man [Korey Rowe] has told us that CNN broadcast a knowingly false news story about a battle that did not take place in the Middle East. They used footage of US soldiers blowing up bombs and firing rounds as target practice and manufactured a story about a battle.

This is treason. This is libel. This is knowingly broadcasting falsehood over public airwaves as affirmed truth. The FCC should fine and charge CNN and the editors and journalists who were wittingly involved in allowing this false story to reach the public. The soldiers recorded may be able to sue CNN for misuse of their images and actions in association with such lies.

The state, FCC, and broadcast monitoring agencies should be examined for allowing this story to be broadcast when it is false, if they had knowledge of the event.

This is very serious, and a threat to America from its own media and those controlling the media.

I have also seen reports of George Bush allowing knowingly false news stories to be broadcast live. This too can be libel or, depending on content, treason or more serious offenses.

See for more details.

If necessary, the State of the Union Address may need to be examined for this kind of breach of public contract. See the Downing Street Memos for more details.

What precisely would constitute conspiracy among world leaders?"

Feel free to send the above quoted letter to the Administrator of the Courts at your discretion.

The Taliban Tried To Warn America of 9/11

Also, this just in... that the Taliban tried to warn America [51:08] we were about to be attacked before 9/11. Furthermore, a large fire broke out on the 11th floor of the World Trade Center North Tower on 13 February 1975. It burned for 3 hours consuming 65% of the floor including the core. None of the steel was weakened and none of the trusses needed to be replaced. If fire had damaged the steel on 9/11 the building would have sagged and leaned instead of suddenly bursting and collapsing.

Black burning smoke indicates a fire depleted of oxygen, and Underwriters Laboratories estimated that the fire burning inside may have been as low as 500*F, after the initial burnoff of jet fuel, which can burn at temperatures up to 1800*F. The fireproofed certified steel and netlike building design indicate that the impact of a plane would be 'negligable' to its structural integrity, and indeed it did continue to stand after being hit without showing any sign of serious or even slight structural difficulty, apart from fire on two floors. Fire has never caused a concrete and steel building to collapse in history, and did not on 13 February 1975. Fire did not destroy the WTC. The plane impacts did not destroy the WTC.

There is evidence of numerous secondary explosions at the WTC after the planestrikes.

WTC 7 collapsed without being struck by a plane, having only two small fires on upper floors, after a boom from its basement and a demolition style collapse into its own footprint in 6.6 seconds. Freefall would have been 6 seconds.

=== At The Pentagon

I also just heard that April Gallup and her small child were injured, but able to crawl through the hole in the Pentagon to escape. If a 747 had crashed into the Pentagon, no one would be able to get through it. The hole was estimated by witnesses to be smaller than a garage door. No planestrike with wings more than 50' across is that size.

Government agents told her repeatedly it was a plane, she was hit by a plane. She said to the interviewer that she saw no signs of a plane of any kind. After crashes planes are reassembled to find what made it crash.


American government sources in the mid and late 90's told us 'Big Terror' was coming, and to give up our rights when the time came. They trained soldiers to confiscate guns and built camps in which to evacuate cities. Americans have trained with foreign soldiers to clear American cities of civilians. Is this in preparation for peak oil? Visit for the alternatives to peak oil.

Why was most of Bush's cabinet on Cipro a month before anthrax was discovered? You will not find these answers on television.

Where Do You Get Your News Sources

Where do you get your news?

Many of the latest revelations in news items that dig into questions often left unanswered or uninvestigated by the conventional news media come from... the internet.

The news rarely plays documentaries and works only within certain restrictions of time and content. The internet is home to numerous linked and updating news collection and analysis sources, with news items you will never see on syndicated tv. The internet also has thousands of information clips, lengthy interviews, and has broader and deeper access to information than any television station and all television stations combined.

Google Video and have provided numerous and highly detailed videos on every subject. Newshound websites give thousands more stories every day than tv. For local news, television is probably the best source, but for world news, for national news, and for any in depth news coverage of stories, the internet is a superior news source.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Digital Rights

This site has some very adequate and lovely recorded media bill of rights provisions. Examine them and believe in justice as well!

Reduction of Information

Tax money is being spent to determine whether the government can safely reduce the amount of information it releases to the public. This is unacceptable.

New Media Items

I invite you to examine these three videos by Alex Jones. He is a Christian, a charismatic man, and well informed about his world and government. Alex Jones, we commend you.

Police State 9:40

Waking Life Clip

Alex Jones Bullhorns The Bilderberg Group

These videos are the voice of the people, overwhelmingly. We have assembled a good selection of ethics, but many of us simply do not have the information to use these ethics to their best use. Many of us still believe that the heads of corporations, who have no authority over us, are universally good. Many still believe that we should believe and obey the government before we believe and exercise our own Constituion and Bill of Rights. Investigate these issues and understand that you have duties to know and spread true information and to act to help others who do not yet know.

George Bush, who said that the elite are his base, has hidden and uses a terrorist network to terrorize the people and also to terrorize business and Bilgerbergers. He has the power to control and crash the economy and bring down any elite he chooses, or to reward them. But only because we believe in him. Say no to global government. Expose this man and his networks and expose yourselves and your networks and cleanse them in the public eye. Cleanse them in your own heart. Do your duty to save humanity from the grip of evil men.


I invite anyone with a skilled artist hand to create non-satirical non-fictional cartoons of important events for use in history-style textbooks. Learning the real history by cartoon is much more entertaining than sifting through piles of words like these. [LBJ, Kennedy]

Electroshock For Kids Is Wrong

I was recently amazed to hear that schoolchildren are being given electroshock therapy for things like being late. We banned electroshock therapy in the 60's or so, didn't we? Why are we facing it in 2006?

This is out of line with the Constitutional rights of these children and must be stopped. Please contact your government regarding this matter.

Furthermore, I would like to state that all men are created equal. Because of this, all are granted the rights in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Get on the stick

I expect the media, even network media, to respond to 9/11 discrepancies and to air calls to leave the Iraq engagement. I want ground floor introduction by ex-marines and ex-national guardsmen on the Iraqi scenario, and I want the state to have no national security gripes about it.

In other areas, we need serious economic consideration about matters divulged on I want the right American people to know that over 100% of American economic expansion has been American debt. This is not economic growth. Perhaps if 4 or 14% were debt we could continue moving, but at this rate it is out of control. With stars[*]. Our economic activity needs to be severely modified and American corporate and investor class activity modified to provide adequate employment opportunities for the middle class and incomers. We do not pay to a state and a military to squander it on waste. We will pull your pplug. Change the economics now and not 'later'. Or both. I also want Americans to be more educated about money and work.

Chinese abuses must also be documented and spread worldwide. I want people in India and Algeria to be on top of the Chinese government. It is critical that they perform well because they are part of the human experience.

I want civility in media. On the radio, on talk shows, in the paper, on the net. For everyone who hasn't read 'non-incendiary news' read it again.

Bravo legal system. This is a victory that should be repeated multiple times. And I will have no threats aimed at professionals or scholars. Re-read non-incendiary news.

We need to change the immigration program in a way that will strengthen our economy and workforce. This needs to happen right away, and we need to drop our hubris. The forces mentioned by a professional of 'the tide' must be used or allayed naturally, not simply bricked up. This will work. This is news for today.

Click Based Fundraising

Money can be raised for, 3rd party political parties, green movements and other efforts through click-based initiatives. I would like to see numerous ringed hub sites to these action responses to raise money for noble causes. Clearly, donations can also be accepted, but to give members the option of clicking on an advertiser to help raise money would be an advancement of cause.