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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


President Bush Addresses U.N. September 12 [2002]
Says Saddam Hussein regime poses grave danger to world peace


It poses a grave danger to world peace because you, Mr Bush, will attack it shortly.

"the people of my country will remember those who have plotted against us. We are learning their names. We are coming to know their faces. There is no corner of the Earth distant or dark enough to protect them. However long it takes, their hour of justice will come."

These unnamed people are you, and your cronies, Mr Bush. He speaks like this often as he is a master of lies and confusion.

"Every nation has a stake in this cause. As we meet, the terrorists are planning more murder -- perhaps in my country, or perhaps in yours. They kill because they aspire to dominate. They seek to overthrow governments and destabilize entire regions."

He is a terrorist, he works and extends his power using terror, and he speaks these coded messages to his NWO cronies around the world, disguised as speeches to voters.


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