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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What Not to Do

This medialyte demonstrates what not to do when interacting with an official. I am pleased that he got the chance to ask about this kind of thing and the topic was fine, but the setting was poor. It is only civil to raise tough questions at certain times. This man was having a family bbq, which is legitimate. He'll be alive that evening, maybe tomorrow, ask him then. Maybe as he is leaving or somesuch. But to deny him his private life when it's happening, less civil. He was polite, though.

There are many better organized questioners. I appreciate the medialyte's guts to ask, and interest in knowing. Reject the NAU. Remember bravery when you are working. Do not simply continue to ask because you are there and do not want to leave. Ask because you want to know. Get it on record because you want it for yourself, and for any others who might appreciate it for themselves.


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