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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Presidential Candidates

The NWO is primarily in control of and in collusion with most presidential candidates and the current administration quite especially, except for certain members focusing on liberty, truth, and peace such as Ron Paul and Mike Gravel.

I believe the candidates are being promoted and selected by the media and other state actors, as well as coached in meetings between the NWO candidates. I believe that each NWO candidate would be pleased to see any NWO win and that they all pull for the same bad cart of apples, but that each wants to be the head honcho pulling.

I am disappointed to hear the tired rhetoric of those who would wish to trick us into more of the same. I want truth, liberty, and peace.

ABC and many other news stations have given false reports on the support of Ron Paul because he is a candidate who does not by their NWO, and would dismantle it.


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